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Be Exponential

August 16, 2017

A couple of us WOODCHUCK USA staff attended the SU Global Summit this week which was themed "Be Exponential." What makes a company, technology or invention grow at an exponential rate? We listened to dozens of speakers from around the globe on topics of new apps, changing health treatments, data analysis and more.

Here's our favorite thoughts, companies, products and experiences.




We got to meet a man who made picking up trash a trend on instagram. What's most incredible is how impactful the #literati was. Users find trash, snap a stylish photo on instagram and tag it #literati before picking it up. They began harvesting geotags from instagram to find areas that need attention, as well as put a spotlight on companies that have issues with their products becoming litter.



I suggest checking out the map on their website and discover your own neighborhood. Governments, schools and corporations draw information from them on ways to improve the world.


Over 3,000 WOODCHUCK USA Journals Were Given Away

This year WOODCHUCK USA was awrded to comission custom journals for every attendee. True to our Buy One Plant One program, we are planting over 3,000 trees thanks to the university and all the people that attended the event.


Try A Silent Disco

It sounds goofy, and it will feel goofy for the first five minutes. Then hours go by and you realize you're having a great time.

A silent disco may also be called a quiet event, and they are new concerts where music is played through wireless headphones that the crowd gets on their way in.

Multiple dj's play at once, and you can switch between artists with a switch on your headphones. Each dj has a different color, and the headphones glow to the color you are listening to. We suggest going if you never have.

"Technology Can Foster A Community"

When you read this or buy from WOODCHUCK USA you are apart of the Woodchuck community. You share a common interest, have purchased similar things, and could have a conversation with other people who also read this.

Texting, social media, blogs, forums, video streaming and many other digital platforms provide us with endless content, but they also create similar experiences among large groups of people.

Millions of people watch a netflix shows from all around the world and now creates a common experience between them. Youtube videos become viral and get thousands of comments with people talking together. We're able to do business with people across the globe who we've never met before through email. How many other communities to you belong to?



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