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From Custom Gifts to PPE: The WOODCHUCK Journey

At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, WOODCHUCK USA founder and chairman, Ben VandenWymelenberg got a late-night call from a friend that would put our company on a new, life-saving trajectory. Phoning from the then-epicenter of the pandemic, Ben’s friend needed 10,000 face shields for medical professionals fighting on the front lines in New York. Could WOODCHUCK do it?

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Q & A with "Gifts & Decorative Accessories" On 2019 Trends

Check out the exclusive interview the Editor and Chief of "Gifts & Decorative Accessories" did with our Marketing Director, Wendy Sorquist. 1. When it comes to home décor and gifts, it looks like the “unexpected” is becoming more and more popular. Is this something you are also noticing? How do WOODCHUCK USA products fit well into that trend? WOODCHUCK USA’s product is a natural fit for something new, unique and authentic. When it comes to gifting, we’ve learned a thing or two along the way. Gifts of authenticity will appreciate over time and provide use in everyday life. Our ability to localize or regionalize product adds another layer of cool factor to our gifts, something you can’t find everywhere.

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Catch Our Journey To Woodchuck The National Mall

We pulled off a truly EPIC Earth Day Celebration in Washington D.C. We traveled all the way from Minnesota to the National Mall to inspire action to promote reforestation and fight climate change on Earth Day.

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Earth Day 2018 - We Woodchucked the National Mall!

We pulled off a truly EPIC Earth Day celebration in Washington D.C. We traveled all the way from Minnesota to the National Mall to inspire action to promote reforestation and fight climate change on Earth Day. The event highlighted our global initiative to plant 10 million trees by 2021. Thousands of individuals came to celebrate our milestone- of one million already planted - special thanks to all of you in the WOODCHUCK community across the nation who’ve supported our efforts.

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Top 5 Trends In Corporate Gifting & Incentives

Let’s talk custom corporate gifts and incentives! You know, swag for conferences and events, promotional products for trade shows, freebies for clients and employees, sales tools for prospects, you get it. Whatever the occasion, thank your best peeps by giving a corporate gift that doesn’t suck.

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We Planted a Tree At The End Of The World!

"Buy One. Plant One." expands to the 7th continent! Follow along with us this week as we depart by sea to Antarctica on our mission to reforest the planet with world renowned explorer Rob Swan and leaders from across the globe. When our expedition to Antarctica is complete, our once small idea of planting trees for every product sold will have reached all 7 continents!

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Top 3 Minneapolis Nature Retreats to Evade Super Bowl Traffic

Woodchuck USA’s mission is to bring nature back to people's lives. We’ve put together a few of our favorite twin-cities locations that are easy enough to get to during all the festivities. Getting sick of all the crowds? Want to evade all the traffic in general? We’ve got you covered.

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Be Exponential

A couple of us WOODCHUCK USA staff attended the SU Global Summit this week which was themed "Be Exponential." What makes a company, technology or invention grow at an exponential rate? We listened to dozens of speakers from around the globe on topics of new apps, changing health treatments, data analysis and more.

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